Vizio Phone/Tablet Pics

First off… Wow. We thought Vizio’s phone/tablet combo would be something to look at, but we didn’t expect to fall in love with it so much. While we weren’t actually able to get our hands on either device (behind glass with a lock) we did get a great overview and some interesting stuff we didn’t know before.

We should mention that Vizio’s vision is to have connected media everywhere, and they are taking it seriously. Vizio’s phone and tablet are another extension to make that vision possible. The devices are able to connect with so many other things (Vizio things, of course), from the tv to wireless headphone and stereo’s. So both of these devices are built around connecting to other media.

They look beautiful to start off with. Vizio has always been known for their gorgeous screens and they made sure to make that one of the keys with their upcoming lineup. The phone will have a 4″ screen while the tablet will be 8″, and they both are running on a 1GHz processor.

They will both have 2.2 pre-installed, but you wont be able to tell with the customized UI they have made on top of it. While I don’t normally like the point of manufacturer UI’s just to make themselves unique, I think the UI really fits Vizio and what they are trying to do.

Definitely take a look at the picture above too, where you can see an extra extension on the tablet. It was just announced today, and I was told that it is a direct connector between the tablet and a Vizio TV. This is supposed to make streaming more seamless and even more connectivity.

Last but certainly not least, there are no announcements on a release date or price, but he did say “maybe midsummer” and that Vizio is always aggressive. This could mean a cheap but competitive alternative to some of the the other high end products out there.