5 Bittersweet Moments Associated With Android

This article discusses five events pertaining to Android that had the potential to deliver great things but could not live up to the expectations

1. HTC Thunderbolt: This smartphone was not that bad in terms of performance and usability but the delayed launch, poor battery life and propensity to heat did not go down well with users. Its initial pricing of $300 for an agreement of two years also was not well accepted; the result was that the price was halved within a month. It was also the first offering in the 4G LTE Series from Verizon, which started a trend of such phones coming up continuously, none of which lived up to the mark.

2. Motorola DROID Bionic: The phone came in September and had some flaws but was still one of the best Android devices on Verizon. But Android devices were coming out way too fast and the DROID suffered heavily following the launch of the RAZR within two months.

3. The so called Android Alliance: Google came out with an idea that its carriers and manufacturers would have to provide timely updates on the OS and also provide software support for a specified period after the release of the phone. This looked an exciting prospect as it would eliminate uncertainties of purchasing Android phones over future updates. But, this alliance was not heard of after its announcement of the I/O.

4. Android Tablets: A lot of Android tablets came out in 2011. Some were expensive, others relatively cheap. Most of the devices were not up to the mark save some like Galaxy Tab 10.1. However, one device that even threatened the domination of the iPad was the Kindle Fire. Coming at a brilliant price of $200, it found instant appeal amongst consumers. 2012 also looks promising with devices like Transformer Prime expected to be launched.

5. Android 3D Tablets and Phones: This has been a segment I which Android has again note been able to deliver any devices worth mentioning except for the Thrill 4G and EVO 3D. So, the question arises on whether this segment is going to be extinct as far as Android is concerned, since it has not seen any releases for quite some time.